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September 20, 2022

2008-2012 Vw Golf Mk6 2.0 Tdi (cbdb/cfhc) Ecu Lock Set Kit Complete (5e)

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2012 VW Golf TDI Teen Car Review Car Coach 2 0

Therefore, you maybe required to get the ECU RESET or RECODED / REPROGRAMMED. IF YOU ARE UNSURE IF IT WILL FIT YOUR. 2 x FUSES, DOOR LOCK, GLOVEBOX LOCK, PASSENGER AIRBAG SWITCH AND 2 x KEYS. 2008-2012 vw golf mk6 2.0 tdi (cbdb/cfhc) ecu lock set kit complete (5e) unless otherwise stated, due to the nature of our parts being sourced from dismantled vehicles.

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